Youth Campaign to demand for National Pedestrians’ Day

Walking is a simple, natural and sustainable mode of transport which fosters environmental stewardship and health. Sadly, walking on the streets nowadays is neither easy nor safe, especially for children, women and senior citizens. Statistics show that road traffic crashes kill about 1.5 lakh people each year. More than 17% of these deaths occur among pedestrians.

Centre for Environment Education (CEE) through its Young Reporters for the Environment programme along with Sustainable Urban Mobility Network of India (SUM Net), and other Youth initiatives wish to urge the Government of India to declare January 11 as National Pedestrians’ Day. This will help to focus attention of the local, state and national governments, and all stakeholders on the need for safe, inclusive pedestrian facilities.

To support this call, CEE invites colleges and youth groups to engage students, young leaders and their mentors to join a two-month campaign to create awareness and generate support for the demand for a National Pedestrians’ Day.

We invite colleges and youth groups to:


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    Nominate young leaders who would conduct the campaign in the colleges or with the community (online or in-person) and engage children and youth to endorse the demand for National Pedestrians’ Day
  • Attend the campaign launch event on 19th November 2021 which will help Youth Leaders to plan and conduct campaign activities.
  • Conduct the campaign between 19th November 2021 and 11th January 2022, using a toolkit of four to five simple activities that will take about a total of 3 to 4 hours spread over a few days as per the convenience of the college/community and the youths’ households. These activities will help to enhance the people’s understanding about walking as a mode of transport and attention to road safety.
  • Endorse the campaign demand for safe and comfortable pedestrian facilities, declaring 11th of January as the National Pedestrians’ Day. Colleges and Youth Groups are requested to complete the NPD Endorsement by 31st December 2021.
  • Reach out to the Stakeholders and the College Management Committee as well as invite parents and guardians to also support the demand for a safer walking environment.

We invite your College/Youth Group to join the online launch of the Youth Campaign to demand for National Pedestrians’ Day.

Mandatory hashtag  #WalkIndia #YREIndia

Recommended hashtags #pedestriansafety #walking #airquality  #cleanair #NatPedDay #WalkFriendlyIndia #MakeIndiaWalkable


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